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imprint EG branding solution as a professional Decoration, Media and Advertisement Agency, was founded in 2015. The office is located in Cairo – Egypt.

Our Work focus on decoration design and construction for: Booths in exhibitions, conferences, and events.

We have very successful experiences in decorating offices, Stores, Markets, and halls.

We also care for graphics, printing issues, and Marketing Solutions.

In Egypt, we have participated in most Exhibitions like Example grain tech, Cairo International fair, Cairo ICT, Liftech, Metal and steel, Mediconex ..Etc.

We have many clients that enjoyed their experience with us, so we would like to have you among us and we will leave our imprint in your company!

Why ?


Marketing Consultancy

For any branding solutions, we encourage you to give us a call and we will do our best to solve your problems

We are not just an ordinary Decoration, Media, and advertisement Agency; we leave our imprint in your company. We shoot for the stars, work with passion and creativity.

We seek our clients’ relief; we do care about small details they need, understand their brand style, spirit and be honest with them to gain their trust.

Our service of decoration build has high quality and very safe, it is finished on time and no worries about being late for your exhibition, it is a blessing in disguise! We can finish your design and construction at a very high speed.

Decoration Design and Construction
Creative designs, Safe and high-quality construction designed for your brand identity.

Creative, decorated, and special tents/ high tents/events.